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Having three children, I have been to more music and dance classes than I can count.  songs for seeds is thestand-out.  Not only are all the children having fun, the adults are too.

- Mary, mom to Taber (6 yrs), Maeve (5 yrs) & Theo (2 yrs)


We both love songs for seeds! I am so impressed with the amount of educational knowledge (shapes, colors, numbers, animals, alphabet) they include in a 45-minute class, yet it does not seem rushed and it is FUN!

- Lillian, mom to Julian (6 months)


I have absolutely loved going to Songs For Seeds classes with  my kids since they were 6 months old.  We started in a trial class and have not left since!  Most of the time I don't know who is having more fun - the kids or the parents! 

- Lisa, mom to twins, Dylan & Noah (2.5 yrs)


I love to sing & dance…when we do Picture a Song I put up shapes and colors all by myself!

- Dylan (2.5 yrs)

I love to RRRRROARRRRR like a lion.

- Dylan's twin brother, Noah (2.5 yrs)


I love the musical instruments from the different countries - it's such a well rounded program bringing together all different parts of the world.  As an adult, I find myself learning about things I never knew.

-Sandra, babysitter to Dylan & Noah (2.5 yrs)