songs for seeds is much more than just a music class…

songs for seeds is not only about the music (although our music is reeeaaallly good).
At songs for seeds we engage kids all while laying the foundation of early childhood education through musical activities. In each songs for seeds class, your child will hear music from a different region of the world, be exposed to a variety of rhythm patterns and be given the opportunity and space to experiment with singing and playing real instruments. We reinforce their knowledge of colors and shapes, focus on single digit numbers and practice counting. We also highlight animal recognition through animated impressions of their sounds and movements.

Did we mention they will also play and have fun?
Not just a normal amount of play and fun -- but crazy amounts of play and fun!
Well because it’s fun…and because children learn through play. 

Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child makes sense of the world around them. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imaginative, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. 
Play allows our kids to take chances, explore, experiment, imagine and grow. 
What could be better than that?

Join us in songs for seeds! 


a little rockin’ a lot of learnin’

what families are saying about songs for seeds

From magic tricks, to shapes/colors, foreign languages (hello & instruments of the week/dance party), and of course exposure to rhythms and instruments, the class literally encompasses everything a music class should. There's so much that fits into the 45 minute session and it's done so in a very fun, fluid-like manner.


- Hoboken Mom

My son is absolutely enamored with songs for seeds. He sings the album non-stop, incessantly asks when the next class is, and has acquired numerous toy musical instruments, for which he will forsake all his other toys (cars, planes, legos, etc.). songs for seeds has really cultivated in him a great love and appreciation for music, not to mention an ear for rhythm and pitch.


- Selin, mom of Demir

My 2 year-old & 4 year-old both LOVED this class. And honestly I did too! In the past 4 years I've done so many kids classes & this was hands-down one of the absolute best. I've never seen a class combine music & general learning about shapes, letters, animals, & much more. The teachers are incredible - talented musicians, great teachers & so much fun. We'll be singing these songs for a long time!


- Haley, mom of two

I love to sing & dance…when we do Picture a Song I put up shapes and colors all by myself!


- Dylan (2.5 yrs)


I love to RRRRROARRRRR like a lion.


- Dylan's twin brother, Noah (2.5 yrs)

I love the musical instruments from the different countries - it's such a well rounded program bringing together all different parts of the world.  As an adult, I find myself learning about things I never knew.


Sandra, babysitter to Dylan & Noah (2.5 yrs)

My girls just love Songs for Seeds! They don't stop moving & dancing the entire class. The band is amazing and makes the experience so interactive and educational for the kids. It's been a fantastic experience and we're so excited for next semester!


- Danielle - mom to Avery and Reese