parent feedback


"I thoroughly enjoyed the class with my son and I would recommend it to any new mother who lives in the neighborhood! The teachers are entertaining and the time goes by so fast and it energized my son and tired him out!"  - Stephen A.



"The music class was amazing! It was very interactive, the many songs kept the kids entertained, and the pace was just right. The musicians had great personalities as well as talent and kept the lesson engaging and fun. I would definitely recommend!" - Christina J. 


"The music teachers were great and focus on all the children, no one was ignored. My granddaughter enjoyed the class very much. I found this experience very gratifying." - Isora S.


"Terrific greeting by staff.  The class was simply ablast for my little 11.5 month old!  Great enegry all around." - Paul N.



"I loved the kindness of the singer who had a nice comment about each child who was in class." - Christine C.