let's rock Scarsdale!

Kit sing along!

everybody sing

drum circle

I can play too!

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We have done lots of music classes and this is our favorite


- Jennifer, mom of Micah

As a stay at home mom, I've met so many other families in our songs for seeds music classes


- Polly, mom of Ruthie and Mina

I have absolutely loved going to Songs For Seeds classes with my kids since they were 6 months old. We started in a trial class and have not left since! Most of the time I don't know who is having more fun - the kids or the parents!


- Lisa, mom to twins, Dylan & Noah (2.5 yrs)

I love to sing & dance…when we do Picture a Song I put up shapes and colors all by myself!


- Dylan (2.5 yrs)


I love to RRRRROARRRRR like a lion.


- Dylan's twin brother, Noah (2.5 yrs)

Thank you for helping him grow, I attribute his hand clapping, dancing, early walking, confidence, amazing shaking skills, his love of the guitar and need to band on everything to you all.  songs for seeds has been the exact eperience we wanted for him in his early development.


Laura - mom of Trapper